FoQaCiA kick-off meeting

2nd–4th Nov 2022

Practical information

Meeting location: Board Room @ INL (upstairs from front lobby)
except on Friday morning: Sever and Tâmega Rooms (other end of building near QLOC offices)

Join online via the following Zoom link
except on Friday morning


All times are local, i.e. Western European Time (WET, aka GMT, UTC+0)

–7 for Vancouver
–4 for Ottawa, Waterloo
0 for London
+1 for Sevilla, Granada, Stockholm, GdaƄsk
+3 for Ankara

Wednesday 2nd November
10.00 Welcome / discussions
12.00 Lunch break
14.00 Project overview, management (WP5), dissemination (WP6)
15.00 Rui S Barbosa WP1
15.30 break
16.00 Adán Cabello The costs of simulating quantum mechanics for sequential sharp measurements
17.00 Cihan Okay WP2
17.30 break
18.00 Michael Zurel Classical simulation of quantum computation based on Lambda polytopes
19.00 end of day 1
Thursday 3rd November
10.00 Discussions
11.00 Ernesto F. Galvão Coherence and contextuality in interferometers
11.30 Rui Soares Barbosa Causal contextuality and adaptive MBQC (preliminary ideas)
12.00 Lunch break
14.00 Ana Belén Sainz and John Selby Certification of nonclassicality via generalised contextuality
15.00 Jon Yard WP1
15.30 break
16.00 Jon Yard Arithmetic of quantum circuits
17.00 Robert Raussendorf WP4
17.30 break
18.00 Robert Raussendorf Optimising fault-tolerance with cluster states
19.00 end of day 2
20.00 Workshop dinner @ Colher d'Pau Taberna in Largo da Praça Velha
Friday 4th November
10.00 Discussions
12.00 Lunch break
14.00 Sivert Aasnæss Generalised construction of quantum advantage with shallow circuits
14.30 Samson Abramsky Combining contextuality and causality (preliminary ideas)
15.00 Ingemar Bengtsson Constructing SIC-POVMs
15.30 break
16.00 Anne Broadbent Quantum cryptography and interactions with FoQaCiA
16.30 Cihan Okay Topology and MBQC (preliminary ideas)
17.00 break
17.30 General Assembly meeting
18.30 end of day 3