INL–IST Quantum Computation Workshop

25–26th Jan 2023 @ INL, Braga


Wednesday 13.30–16.30: Board Room (up the main stairs, right above front lobby)
Thursday 10.00–15.30: Vision Room (turn left from the lobby and go upstairs)

Join online via the following Zoom link


Wednesday 25th January

@Board meeting room

14.00–14.30 Ernesto F. Galvão (INL) Welcome, Photonic computation at INL
14.30–15.15 José Jesus (IST) New tight Bell inequalities from polytope slices
15.15–15.45 Coffee break (cafeteria)
15.45–16.30 Ricardo Faleiro (IST) Coherence witness and applications to semi-device independent quantum key distribution
16.30–17.00 Raman Choudhary (INL, UMinho) Contextuality from qubit Paulis in cyclic scenarios
20.00 Workshop dinner @ Retrokitchen in Rua do Anjo
Thursday 26th January

@Vision room

10.00–10.45 Emmanuel Zambrini Cruzeiro (IST) Entanglement-assisted quantum communication
10.45–11.15 Coffee break (cafeteria)
11.15–11.45 Vítor Fernandes (INESC TEC, INL, UMinho) Towards quantum concurrency
11.45–12.15 Mafalda Alves (INESC TEC, INL, UMinho) Nonoptimal operator selection and convergence struggles in ADAPT-VQE
12.15–14.00 Lunch break
14.00–14.30 Filipa Peres (INL, UPorto) Quantum circuit compilation and hybrid computation using Pauli-based computation
14.30–15.00 Rafael Wagner (INL, UMinho) Inequalities witnessing coherence, nonlocality, and contextuality