Seminar series

  • Jul 2020– QLOC seminar. Meetings and talks organised by INL's Quantum and Linear-Optical Computation research group.
  • Jan 2018–Jul 2019 OASIS. The Oxford Advanced Seminar on Informatic Structures.
  • 2013–2019 Discussions of Wolfson's Quantum Foundations Research Cluster

Programme committees

  • QPL 2022. 19th International Conference in Quantum Physics and Logic
  • WADT 2022 [track chair]. 26th International Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques
                             thematic track on Algebraic approaches to quantum computation
  • QPL 2021. 18th International Conference in Quantum Physics and Logic
  • CALCO 2021. 9th Conference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science
  • 2nd DaLí Workshop. Dynamic Logic: New Trends and Applications, Workshop at FM 2019
  • Q-turn 2018. 1st Q-turn Workshop: Changing Paradigms in Quantum Science
  • TbiLLC 2017. 2th International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation

Teaching & lecturing


  • Member of IFIP Working Group 1.11 on Foundations of Quantum Computation