25 November 2022
Roundtable discussion for a general audience Bits e Qubits: à conversa sobre o futuro da computação with Yasser Omar and Luís Paulo Santos and moderation by Ana Noronha, organised by Ciência Viva in Lisboa.
(in Portuguese)
2–4 November 2022
Kick-off meeting of the EU–Canada project FoQaCiA – Foundations of Quantum Computational Advantage held at INL.
21 September 2022
Talk at workshop Resources in Computation in London (UCL).
7 September 2022
New preprint Inequalities witnessing coherence, nonlocality, and contextuality with Rafael Wagner and Ernesto F. Galvão.
arXiv:2209.02670 [quant-ph]
11 July 2022
Daniel Carvalho obtained an MSc in Physics Engineering from Universidade do Minho, successfully defended his master's dissertation On conditional quantum control, supervised by José Nuno Oliveira (Dept. Informatics, U Minho) and me.
22 June 2022
Talk at TACL 2022 (Topology, Algebra and Categories in Logic) in Coimbra.
4 Feb 2022
PC member for QPL 2022 (19th International Conference on Quantum Physics and Logic).
abstract submission: 18 Apr 2022, paper submission: 24 Apr 2022
Oxford, 27 Jun–1 Jul 2022
11 Dec 2021
PC member and track chair for WADT 2022 (26th International Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques), featuring a special track on Algebraic approaches to quantum computation.
abstract submission: 15 Apr 2022, post-proceedings paper submission: TBA (September 2022)
Aveiro, 28–30 Jun 2022
22 Nov 2021
Paper Continuous-variable nonlocality and contextuality with Tom Douce, Pierre-Emmanuel Emeriau, Elham Kashefi, and Shane Mansfield accepted for publication in Communications in Mathematical Physics.
arXiv:1905.08267 [quant-ph]
20 October 2021
Talk at the online QCQMB colloquium.
16 Sep 2021
Paper Compiling quantamorphisms for the IBM Q Experience with Ana Neri and José Nuno Oliveira accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.
arXiv:2010.10510 [quant-ph]
14 Jul 2021
Organising with Cihan Okay a parallel session on Mathematical Structures in Quantum Foundations at ENSPM 2021, the national meeting of the Portuguese Mathematical Society. Speakers: Alex Wilce, Ravi Kunjwal, John Selby, and John van de Wetering.
17 Jun 2021
New preprint Sheaf representation of monoidal categories with Chris Heunen.
arXiv:2106.08896 [math.CT]
4 Jun 2021
Contributed (unscheduled) talk at QPL 2021 (not) in Gdańsk.
27 May 2021
Seminar talk at CMAT – Centre of Mathematics, Universidade do Minho.
17 May 2021
Talk at QCQMB 2021 workshop (not) in Prague.
23 Apr 2021
New preprint Closing Bell: Boxing black box simulations in the resource theory of contextuality with Martti Karvonen and Shane Mansfield. To appear as a chapter in a volume dedicated to Samson Abramsky of Springer's Outstanding Contributions to Logic series.
arXiv:2104.11241 [quant-ph]
14 Jan 2021
13 Jan 2021
Paper The logic of contextality with Samson Abramsky published in Proceedings of CSL 2021 (LIPIcs vol. 183).
arXiv:2011.03064 [quant-ph]
21 Oct 2020
Preprint The logic of contextuality with Samson Abramsky. To appear in CSL 2021.
arXiv:2011.03064 [quant-ph]
2 Nov 2020
PC member for QPL 2021 (18th International Conference on Quantum Physics and Logic).
paper submission: 12 Mar 2021
Gdańsk, 7–11 Jun 2021
21 Oct 2020
New preprint Compiling quantamorphisms for the IBM Q Experience with Ana Neri and José Nuno Oliveira.
arXiv:2010.10510 [quant-ph]
20 Oct 2020
PC member for CALCO 2021 (9th Conference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science).
paper submission: 3 Jun 2021
Salzburg, 31 Aug–3 Sep 2021
4 Jun 2020
Contributed talk at QPL 2020 (not) in Paris.
4 Apr 2020
Paper The logic of contextuality with Samson Abramsky accepted at CSL 2021.
3 Feb 2020
Moved to INL in Braga, Portugal to join the research group on Quantum Linear-Optical Computation (QLOC), led by Ernesto F. Galvão, as a Staff Researcher.